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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi guys, I am not death... just being busy. 1 year and 8 months have passed and checking my last post... wow! I didn't post anything for almost 2 years.

*blowing very strong to all the dusts*

First and foremost, alhamdulillah... I am now officially entering the 5th year of medicine this September. Ahhh how time flies. I am going to write some of my experiences in 4th year in another post because the stories deserve their own post. I mean, I am having like 50 days of holiday now... It won't be that hard to write a nice post about my 4th year, right? *praying very hard that I won't forget this time*

I probably going to write too about my the-longest-evahhh-holiday I got. Hihihi. 

Okay I just want this to be a quick update. So I will see you guys later. Ciao.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It's a blessing in disguise, to meet you and say salam and hello everytime we see each other everyday in our life. To laugh, eat, walk, smile, cry, worry and forget all our problems together. Alhamdulillah.

In the up coming years, I know I will miss these moments. Bila dah masuk clinical nanti, it's hard to see each other apatah lagi bila dah kerja. Friends, let's treasure our happy and sad time now. 3 tahun jer lagi before graduate. We can do it bebeh~

Anyway, here's my new year resolution. By the end of this year, let's see the progression. Sadly, I forgot to list down my resolution for last year. Heh.

Azam tahun 2015

- Masuk klinikal dengan jayanya pada September/Oktober nanti
- Mujahadah lawan nafsu
- Read 30 books/novels
- Lebih rajin update blog *yang ni paling kena istiqamah*
- Tunaikan azam tahun lepas
- Jadi lebih cool

Everyone said 2014 was a disastrous year for Malaysia. Dengan kes kapal terbang, puting beliung and the worst banjir history... I guess everyone is looking forward to a more bright and cheerful days in this year. But yeah, whenever there is happiness, there will be sadness. Better to tough up and pray to Allah that we can get through all the 'ujian' with hati yang sabar.

To each and every of you who have came into my life, thank you and I pray for your happiness in this year.

P/S: And I just realized that I have zero to none the pictures of some of my daily-everyday classmates. T.T

★► Gelabah
Friday, December 26, 2014

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Kawan A: Kau ni gelabah lah AK.
Kawan B: Gelabah tu sifat perempuan.
Kawan C: Kau ni perempuanlah AK.
Saya: Oh baru tahu ke saya perempuan?

Nak buat pengakuan sikitlah... ya, saya tahu saya ni gelabah orangnya. Rasanya dah 2 tahun berturut-turut azam tahun baru saya untuk jadi lebih 'cool'. Tapi buat masa ni saya masih lagi seorang gelabah. T_T walaupun begitu, saya sedang dan masih mencuba untuk kurangkan kegelabahan itu. Just bear with me for the time being.

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