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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salam. Finally after almost 3 weeks fasting at the hostel, I'm back home! It is wonderful! My bus was around 4.00 p.m from BP and arrived at 6.30 p.m at Melaka Sentral (it was 30 minutes late!). Well, I'm sorry to keep you wait mom! Not my fault actually! Uikss... in the car, my mom said that I need to help her bake the cakes for Eid Mubarak tomorrow so I updates my blog now. Anyway, after that my mom bring me to my family restaurant to break fast. Ok, let's take a look at my grandma's restaurant named 'Restoran Sri Percik'. Huhu... the restaurant was once get published in 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' television programe so I am very proud of this restaurant. Then, since I brought my camera along, I snap a few pictures of the restaurant...

This is the signboard of the restaurant...

And this is the logo.

The eating place inside the restaurant which is an open-air place.


Ok, now guess what did my mom, my sis and I eat? The prize if you are correct is 1 sen! Huhu...

Now, which one is my mom, grandma, pak teh and my beloved mak teh?

My beloved busu + my mom youngest bro. The chief manager of this restaurant! Lala...

Natasha, the one beside me is my mak teh's daughter. Look, I'm still in my school uniform! But excuse me... I already pray ok?

With my sis!

Mikael is Natasha's brother, my sis Arissa n Natasha.

And, this is ME! Tada...
Ok, see you all again later. Huhu...

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