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★► Cakes to EAT
Friday, September 18, 2009

Hype all! Hua...Just like I said yesterday, I baked cakes for Eid Mubarak today. It was very tiring! Lala but my sissy had done much more than me when I was not around! Well, my mom sells those cakes to my family. Most of my mom's siblings place an order. They said the cakes that my mom bakes are very delicious. Huhu... I think my mom can be a business woman selling cakes if she want. Even the chocolates cakes that I sell for RM 5 at the hostel are very popular! My friends said the cakes are tasty. When I'm going back, I will bring about 30 pieces (20 are already requested) so, who is the fastest will get it! Anyway, here are some pictures that I catch when I was doing + making the cakes

These are the Cornflakes!

And these are the Almond London. Hey, do you know that my house has 2 ovens and 2 microwaves to fulfill my mom's desire to make cakes?

Uikss...the cakes are almost FINISH even before the Eid Mubarak!

These are Sarawak layers cake. It costs around RM 55 - 70 for a piece. Quite expensive coz' it is hard to bake this cake. The cakes in the picture are requested by customers!

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