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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our topic today is a very interesting topic, 'A.K. SCHOOL STUFFS'! So, let's check out the things that helps me a lot in the school. WARNING! Most of my things are pinky. Bwahahaa... I love pink and purple now! ^__^

This is my school beg (the bag is near to the yellow curtain). I LOVE IT so much. My dad bought it for me last year at Jaya Jusco with the price RM 49.90 and the brand is Lotus. I always change my bottle so I can't remember where I bought that purple water bottle. Bottle is necessary to me as I always kinda sleepy and tired in the class but I'm not the sleep-head, okay? Hm... there is another bag in the picture right? That one my mom bought it for me with the price RM 19.90. Fake Tropicana Life product. Hahaha... I thought I want to look fashionable with that bag but it seems like I always use it when MIGTY! :)

That's my alarm clock. Pink alarm clock. Bought it when I was in form 2. Without this alarm clock... I don't think I can wake up on time for school. It's cheap but good. Just RM 9.90! ^__^

My lovely watch that's always at my right hand. Esprit brand and my mom bought it when she went to Hajj pilgrimage last year. I don't know the price but it's around RM 180 -RM 200, I think. Love it very much! ^__^

This MP3 player is very important to me. It helps me to reduce my stress especially in examination week. Bought by my dad and yup, it's my 15th birthday present. I don't know the price but it's around RM 200. The brand is CellTech.

My diary! This is my favorite and my TOP-SECRET! It knows almost all my secrets. Huhuhu... bought my mom at Living Cabin in Mahkota Parade with the price RM 19.90.

Last and not least are my chocolates! Well I think, my batch in my school already know about my obsess and craziness to chocolate. Just love them especially Cadbury and KitKat. These are my best friends whenever I'm happy or sad. We share the moments together (of course I love to eat them with my friends). Hmm... don't you all love it to? ^__*

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