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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Long time no see, now I'm back for a while (awhile again?)... Whoa, I got tons of things to write but let's do it little by little, ok? Right now my mood is:

O.o you see, I like someone but I know he doesn't like me. So, I started to hate him then but I know till now that I still like him. I'M STUCK! Ergh... whatever... Like Eilya@Iliz's (my ex-roommate) quote,

Looser, double looser,
take a picture,
Seriously, I'm very busy now. You see... I'm working as a waitress now! Yup, that's it. So, I have no time to online very much. I have tons of emails to reply from Myspace and my Yahoo account (sorry guys, I will hit you back as soon as possible!). Anyway, I met my old friends from SK Malim yesteray. Farid and Fauzan (seriously, they look same as they are twins... I can't tell which one is Farid, which one is Fauzan) and Aiman Hakim (met them 3 at the reataurant). I also got in touch with Faidzah yesterday. Not to forget Syazmeen, Aziani, Dibah, Krishila and Ruveta.

Sumpah, aku rindu korang sesangat, kawan sekolah rendahku! Nasib baik ah korang ingat aku lagi. Ingatkan dah tak ingat dah anyway aku masih seperti dulu... betul tak Fauzan, Farid, dan Aiman? Korang still nampak cam dulu la cumer dah bertambah tinggi! Dulu Fauzan tu rendah lagi daripada aku taw! Farid, Fauzan: Gembira korang masih ingat aku, terutamanye Fauzan coz die tegur aku dulu! Aiman: Eek... ko dah bertambah tembam? He3 Meen and Dibah: ko masih hepi cam dulu bagi aku! Aziani: sori aku tak pergi reunion. Aku mahu bercuti brsame keluargaku! Faidzah: Dun wori, ko akan bertemu orang yg lebih sesuai ngan ko! Ruveta and Krishila: My old best friends! Miss you two sesangat! Yang lain yang masih lost contact: Aku mahu jumpe korang and aku nak sangat no. fon korang!

P/S: I'm happy to have my old friends cell phone numbers saved in my phone! XD

And of coz I miss my besties too! Becha, Nadia, Najah, Sue. And not to forget my best ever friends: Lela, Zureen, Eyka, Farah Nadia, Ubi, Bieha, Masyit, Shira J, Teha, Halida, Ajlaa, Moon, Nana, Ekin, Pqa, Atie and everyone yang terkandung dalam batch 07-09 MRSM BP.

P/S:Psstt... I'm too lazy to write now. =.=

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