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★► 9 Princesses
Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yay, I'm back again! Look at the picture above and you can guess it... Yup, today our main topic is So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) or in English is Girls' Generation, a girls' group from South Korea. The group consist of 9 beautiful and sweet ladies which are:
Tae Yeon - Leader, main vocalist [The Tiny Leader]
Jessica - Main vocalist [The Ice Princess]
Seo Hyun - Lead vocalist [The Maknae]
Tiffany - Supporting vocalist [The Brighter Than Gem's]
Sunny - Supporting vocalist [The Energy Pill]
Yoon A - Supporting vocalist [The Prettier than Flowers]
Soo Young - Supporting vocalist [The Happy Princess]
Hyo Yeon - Main dancer, supporting Vocalist [The Dancing Queen]
Yu Ri - Lead dancer, supporting vocalist [The Black Pearl]
I know that all of you know them... what you don't know them? O.O Are you kidding? They are so popular! Better you go and see the doctor now and check your eyes and brain! XD By the way I love them and a big fan of them. They are my favorite girls' group! How about you? Do you like them too? Come let me show you some of their very cute pictures (click for a bigger picture):

One word: STYLISH!

They look so innocent! >.<
Having a great time together? I envy them very much.

Among these cute and sweet ladies, my favorite is Yuri the Black Pearl. Why? First of all she is so cute and a lead dancer + supporting vocalist! She dances really good! Watch her steps and you will fall for her! How about you all? Which one of the girls you like the most? Here a better picture of her:

Yuri's biggest fan. That's ME!
So HOORAY for them! My favorite songs that sang by them are 'Into the New World' and 'Girls' Generation'. They dance are superb and their voice are very nice in these both music clip! So, go and watch it now down below or simply go to Youtube! XD You're gonna love them.

Look, I got their autographs. Ha3 XP
Anyway, the pictures credit go to their Facebook and Garena's Forum. I can conclude that this post is a tribute to the SNSD. Oohh... they are so pretty! Wish to be pretty just like them! XD

By the way, I joined another contests which are the SOTM December and Pink Carpet contests . The host of SOTM December contest is Jolene and please click here to join her contest or read the contest's description! While the Pink Carpet is hosted by Ashlynn and you can easily access her site by clicking this. >.< Wish me luck again ya? Ha3. Hope to win something!

SOTM December

Last but not least... I'm going to Singapore today at 7.30 a.m! Well, it's earlier than the schedule so I must say that I will reply your comments and tags after I get back on Sunday. While I'm not around please do not rip and copy anything from my blog. I swear I'm gonna hunt you down if you copy-cat me and take my things. But if there are things that have been made by you and I forgot to credit it... please tell me nicely and I will credit you absolutely! ^__^ Thanks and have fun... Oh, and have a nice day too. Tata

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