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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello all! Yezza... today I will post about my super-duper-awesome-cool-great-wonderful vocations! XD WARNING: This post is flooded with pictures! I really, really, really enjoyed my trip! My family and I (me, my 2 lil' sissy, my bro and father) started our journey to Johor Bharu (JB) from Melaka on Thursday at 8.30 a.m. Look, my mom is not included! Well, my mom had a course at Mersing so we need to fetch our mom at Mersing first before we went to Johor Bharu! XD

When we arrived at Sri Malaysia Hotel, Mersing at 11.30 a.m... Oh dear I was starving! I didn't eat anything from morning... O.o But my sister who didn't eat anything were fascinated with the swimming pool! With my father's new bought camera Olympus which can be throw in to the ocean (waterproof I mean if you don't understand my talk here! XD), Najlah and Arissa dived into the pool. Oh, anyway I managed to snap a few pictures of mine! Lol. (>.<)
I'm wearing long skirts! XD

Promoting the new cam! XD

That's Arissa! She has a really round eyes! O.o

So we continued our journey to JB after we picked our mom (before that we went to eat 'keropok lekor')... and.... oh, we stopped at Kota Tinggi Waterfalls! I didn't bring my swimming suit so I just watched my sissy and father swam... I love water but I don't like to swim... XP In conclusion, we arrived at JB at night. Around 8.30 p.m I think! Early morning the next day, we had our breakfast and off we went to S'pore! Eeeek? Not using car? Well... to save our money from paying those taxes... We even slept in Johor Bharu not in S'pore... O.o Oh well... S'pore things are more expensive than Malaysia so need to save some money... back to my story! We went to immigration and passed through the 'kastam'. Took a bus (met a really nice 'mak cik' to Woodlands and from Woodlands we took 2 taxis. Ea 2 taxis? Yup... my family consist of 6 la! Not enough space if 1 taxi! Then straight to the point we off to the S'pore Zoo. Oh my... why so many people? I was amazed by the quantity of people there at the zoo! XD Well... long queue to buy the tickets, so father's queue up and I went to wondering around...

Posing at the big tree picture. XD

Uikss, so many people!

Ready to have an adventurous trip! O.o Ha3

My favorite animal: White tiger! You?

While waiting 4 the show... eat! XD

Waiting to watch the 'Splash' show.

My favorite animal too! Carlos the sea lion.

They are cute lil' penguins! (>.<)
From 1.00 till 5.30 p.m we were at zoo. After that we took a coaster and off we went to Orchard Street. Well, I slept in the coaster! XD When, I arrived at the Orchard Street, I went to WINDOW shopping...

Em... why so many people here? Me at Orchard Street's Mc Donald Cafe.

What! You want my McFlurry? No way! Go buy it yourself! Ha3

Nice view here! XD

It's Christmas la!

My mom bought some Corelle cups, mugs and saucers. They were so expensive! XP I didn't buy anything of course, just a cute key-chain!

Tang Super Market? My mom love this market.

When it was time to go back, We took the MRT. Lol! Again I was amused by the people who use the MRT... So many people again! O.0

Where is the MRT??? I'm so tired...

Me and mom in MRT. Many people lorh...

Late in the night, around 11.00 p.m we arrived at hotel in JB. Fhew... I'm so tired so let's sleep. Daa...


Anyway, I can conclude that we had try all the public vehicles in S'pore as we took the bus > taxi > coaster > MRT. And that's the end of my holiday post part 1! XD

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