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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So yay... I update some things before I post a very long post! XD First all, please welcome my new affiliates/link exchange!


Then some new adoptables that you can take a closer look here on my profile page and also to view where they come from! XD

Ooh.. and I didn't win anything from Best Blog Awards... better luck next time maybe! He3...

And I also kinda managed to become a participant in the Pink Carpet without winning anything! XD Lol, better luck again next time? ^__^

And I also managed to get a cute button for the prize in SOTM December contest although I didn't win any category. She use 2nd name, Khairina, and I felt kinda strange... He3, but thank you so much Jolene! XD

So that's all the updates. See you pretty soon! XD

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