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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Assalamualaikum again and yeah, HAPPY SCHOOLING all. I'm totally happy to go back to school and my beloved hostel today at 9.00 a.m! New uniforms, new pencil case, new books BUT... Oh dear I'm going to have a program which lasts for a month. OMG, I LOVE THIS! Fun time again... Hurray. Sorry guys, this program is only for MRSM form 4 students only. The program which is called KIKA is an interesting program that aims to teach MRSM f4 students skills for learning. We're gonna learn how to do actual mind-mapping, notes and lots more. But after this program, we gonna rush like the train to learn f4 syllabus. He3.

So, gonna say this again... "BYE!" I will try to update frequently but please understand that I live in hostel that has no internet and computers (actually there are computers but the usage is limited...). Will miss my families, computer, hand phone and Nintendo DS very much!

Oh wait... good news! I BOUGHT A NINTENDO DS LITE! OMG, after 1 month of hardworking (I work as a waitress)... finally I managed to buy this super-thing that I always want! I bought a pink one and it's reaally cute. Here are the pictures of it which I just get from Google. Bought it at Bintang Hyper market on Sunday 2nd Jan 2009, and costs me RM 550. I have to admit that my work paid had finished already...

Last but not least, I joined a contest at Puteri's blog. Hope to win something! XD

So see ya all in the next month! I'm gonna have some fun with my friends now! So adieu for now...

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