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Sunday, March 21, 2010

As Salaam.

So yeah... I'm working like it's going to be the end of world tomorrow. Piles of homework are not finish yet! And makes my problem worse... I'm going back to hostel today at 10.00 a.m. OMG... this is ridiculous! I don't know what to do now... Oh, anyway, sorry if I don't post a new entry often... I'm having my harsh time now. Home works + new syllabus = Double headache! Please A.K... Be optimist! You never know what is going to happen? Maybe something good
happen will happen soon? Maybe... In class... I'm sitting beside Zureen. In front of me Najah and besides her is Su. Moon is behinds me and besides her is Zura. My class condition: REALLY QUIET and PEACEFUL. Don't believe it? You better ask all my classmates and my friends in batch. They will totally agree! Anyway, I'm trying to focus on all my subjects while I'm in the class and the teacher's teaching in front. It's quite hard but I'll do the best. But if I'm very sleepy, I will take out my secret weapon, my handwritten novel and write it out. It's better than sleeping I guess. Ouh, I don't want to sleep. Please God grant my wishes. I wish my friends and I will get STRAIGHT As in SPM.

Behold everyone.... Tadaaa... I'm showing you the list of important subjects that I'm going to learn for the 2 whole years (2010 -2011)!

Malay Language - My national language... not so easy...
English Language - Yeah, I'm practicing it now, need to improve a lot.
History - Boring as ever. I can't focus yet in the class. Need more spirit in order to survive in the class!
Islamic Religion - Interested with the topics that I'm gonna learn!
Add. Math - Very challenging but seriously fun!
Math Mod. - Old time favorite. Nice and easy... ha3
Biology - My current favorite subject! An amazing subject to learn.
Chemistry - Love the high-spirited teacher that is teaching me!
Physics - Need a lot of patients to understand! Will try the best of luck

For the next segment is "This month exciting moments that should be remembered! " Take a nice peep okay? Ha3

1st March: My birthday!
5th March: Masyit's birthday
4th March: Ibu's birthday
9th March: Moon's birthday
11th March: Fit's birthday
13th March: Mak Teh and Mak Udas' birthday

15th March: He wished my birthday and this was the first time he messaged me and for about 3 hours we exchanged messages!

19th March: Yoyotan's annual year party! Love this family gathering so much. Eat a lot of grilled squids on this day. Won the 1st prize for the Word cross puzzle contest. Abang won the 2nd place. Najlah and Arissa respectively claimed the 1st and 2nd prize in Word cross puzzle Junior. Our family was the champion for the search the hidden objects contest. Got many great prizes! Thanks so much mom and everyone!

25th March: Becha's birthday!

--Will update if I forget to list out something--

So yeah, that's all for now... I'm going to sleep and have a nice rest. I'm going back and till then, I will see you all again!

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