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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Salam aik....
Last night, I went to funfair. Somewhat, when I was there in the middle of crowd, I remembered my childhood memories. There was kinda an awkward feeling stirring inside me.

When I was a kid, my wish was to never be a grown up. I hated to grow. Maybe the Peterpan (Disney movie) really influenced me back then. I always looked at the stars in the sky and wishes Peterpan would come and take me to Neverland, but it would never happen right? I wanted to be with my family and friends forever. No problems at all to think!

But then I realize, how big I am now. I'm no longer the small-me-that-hate-to-wear-teenage-clothes anymore. I'm 16 already. I suppose that I shall think wiser from now on coz' some of my small-me-personalities still stuck in my heart. Like the childish part and thanks God, that my smart part ain't go anyway. But one thing for sure, I'm a big girl now but not ready to be a woman yet!

To future me,
I don't know what you have become. A pretty lady perhaps? Who knows? I'm praying that my future me is the one I want to be today. A Solehah and good Muslimah! And a orthopedic too! :)))

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