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Monday, November 29, 2010

A charismatic posing by A.K *yeah... I'm joking, okay?*
Assalamualaikum! :)
Gee... Why on earth that everyone wants me to be a doctor? :(
*Sigh* I know... I thought that was my ambition, my dream,
my hope and all other my bla, bla and bla... *this annoying... I know*
My aunts, my grandma, my mom's friends, and of course
not forget my beloved mom *but I don't know if my father is in this too*
really want to be a doctor specialist in hormones or bones!
But I'm more to chemistry now. Maybe I want to be a chemist
that make perfume like Anna in 'Fruitcake Special'?
I just lost my interest in doctor now. At least now, I guess?

I am so confused now!!!

Anyway I think I better stick to my current ambition for awhile
until I figure out what I want to be. Let see... hmmmm...
Oooooh, aaaaah... I have another 1 year to think about it.
What a relieve! An escape rope! Phewww... And then...
Hopefully by the end of the year 2011 *God, the new year is around the corner*
I will find out about it. Hopefully... :3

So yeah, just forget this topic for awhile, okay A.K?
Why don't you do your piles of homework rather than babling
here like a small kid who confused to choose either to buy an ice cream
or a chocolate! *I will choose the ice cream if it's Baskin Robin, yummy!*
Oh no... wait, this is my blog! So again, huraay!
I can talk everything I want here! *gee... what's wrong with me today? :P*

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