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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ben Ashaari
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Assalamualaikum. Hi there. I'm A.K. Gadis manis berumur hampir 17! I'm your typical blogger girl since I love to blog almost everything. Tapi kerana kekangan masa sebagai seorang pelajar hostel, I am blogging when it's holiday only. I'm a proud citizen of Melaka! XD This place is so full of love and life of course. I'm a muslim in almost every possible way. Hijab is my protector and I love it. My life as teenage girl is like riding a roller coaster that fulls of loops. Full of screams but yeah it's enjoyable! Tujuan jadi blogger? :) I want to share to the world probably about my opinion and my life dear... Bukan kah orang kata, "Sharing is caring?" Dan saya sentiasa berpegang pada motto hidup, "You can change your life or you can change the world." Selain itu, setiap orang melihat sesuatu dari perspektif berbeza. So, my blog, my perspective. Unik dan tersendiri, itulah semua orang! Be proud of yourself ya? :) Hidup kita ni sentiasa dipengaruhi orang dan kita sendiri sentiasa mengpengaruhi orang. Percayalah pada diri sendiri dan ya, be yourself and don't ever die to be a copycat, okay?

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