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★► The Best SMS
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ouh, yesterday was Maal Hijrah 1432...
So, Salam Maal Hijrah from A.K! :)
Then, tut...tut...tut..., ouh... A.K got 1 new message *selepas berlambak-lambak mesej Maal Hijrah diterima... ceh wah, bajet hot betul!*.
So I read it. Silently...
And I said to myself... this is the best SMS *jangan cakap tak tahu apa itu SMS, ok? :)* I have ever received!
It looks like this:
The sweet school memories:
  • One side love *betul tu... sob3 :(*
  • Silent mode mobile *emm.. A.K tak bawa fon*
  • Bus stand comedies *ada lah sikit2*
  • Canteen foods *correction: DS foods*
  • Escape from seminar *A.K baik, so tak pernah buat :)*
  • Last period fun *memang ditunggu2 setiap hari!*
  • First love in school *tinggal kenangan*
  • Birthday treats *gonna miss this very much*
  • Last min preparation *biasalah tu*
  • Over night study for next day exam *pelajarlah katakan*
  • Friends - family functions *sayang mereka sangat2*
  • Exam marks problem *kena usaha lagi ni*
Those will never come again. So send this to all your loved friends and let them to recalled! Don't forget them in your whole life.

Ouh, I felt sad suddenly after read it... yeah my dear friends...
1 more year and we will be separate! Pursuing our dreams! *sedihnya... :( sob3*
Before all of this happen I want to say
Gonna MISS you all very much when we grow up! :(
*especially my besties*

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