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Monday, December 13, 2010


Straight to the point... today I will share you some blogging tips! These tips are from my points of view, okay? :)

1. First of all, your blog must have a cool name! :) Be unique and original. Don't copycat! Don't die to be others. For example, my blog name is Perisple... don't you make a blog name Perispleee. Everyone will know that you copy my blog name with a bit alteration *kecuali orang kurang waras je tak perasan*.

2. Cool layout! Oh come on, everyone loves something pretty and beautiful and cool and bla, bla,bla. Pick the right one that you like and everyone might like it too! If you know how to make a blog layout... that is a bonus!

3. Don't use too many widgets. It will slow down your blog to load. Simple is better. Put this in your mind, if you don't like to go to blogs who make you want to slam your PC off to ground, then don't make others to think like that about your blog too.

4. Have a shout box. Some blogs that I visit have no shout box. It's strange because, how do you want to interact with others if you don't have a shout box? Simply make one here at CBox or other free shout box.

5. Customize your shout box! Another common thing that blogger always forget. Don't let your shout box plain and white... make it interesting! So that, every visitors want to drop a comment in that cute box of yours *contoh terbaik, sila lihat shout box A.K! He3*!

6. Make every post as interesting as possible! Yeah, this is quite hard but as long as you have your brain, creativity, imagination.. you can do it! :) Strictly, no copy pasting articles from web. That's so uncool!

7. Last but not least, update always. It's up to your choice. Everyday? Once a week? Once every forth week? Once every month? Or maybe once a year *sah... blog kamu dah mati kalau yang ni!*? It depends on your day and life schedule. If you are a hostel student like me... you can't blogging everyday during school days do you? :)

Till then, see ya :)

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