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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Permata Umi's contest

Assalamualaikum! :D
This is the 2nd post for today! :)
Well, I joined a contest today...
to kill some of my time + maybe I'm lucky to win this contest? Hahaha... XD
So here are the contest's conditions.
  1. Warganegara Malaysia. *sudah semestinya*
  2. Follow this blog and this blog. *sudah*
  3. Put the banner contest and the contest link in entry and side bar. *sudah*
  4. Leave your post link here. *sudah*
  5. Do these before 30th December if you want to join. *ok*
Then, make a card for Danish + wish him Happy Birthday in your entry! :)
So here's my card and wish! :)
Dear Danish, Happy Birthday my cutie! :)
Grows up healthy and strong.
Make your mom and dad proud of you when you are big.
May you become 'seorang anak lelaki yang beriman bila dah besar nanti'!
My card is cute right? Don't be shy to say it... hehehe *comel kan? kan? kan? :) ha3... saya seorang yang perasn, minta maaf ya? Tapi memang comel kan? :P* Ulalala... I like teddies and babies very much! XD I like to design very much too! *walaupun saya tahu... saya design tak cantik.. sob3*. Ok, till then... see ya! :)

P/S: Next post... there will be some awards for my followers and blogwalkers! :)

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