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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Fuh, the post title is quite jiwang la... But trust me dear, everyday people play with love. Yeah... everyone in this world searching for love. I once bet with my friends, "Kalau cinta ada di jual di kedai... beratur orang nak beli macam time buku Harry Potter ke-7 keluar. 2-3 hari beratur di luar kedai buku nak beli buku tu!" And of course, my friends agree with me.

Love is hard to find. It comes from you purest and deepest soul. Bagi budak2 yang bercinta, mesti ingat teman lelaki tulah cinta sejati. Poyo jer! Habis kalau clash? Namanya cinta sejati juga ke? Kalau kapel sampai berpuluh2 kali, habis tiap2 kali tulah cinta sejati? Biar betul? Hey you, true love is only one and only. Dah tu, kadang2 bercinta bagai nak rak tapi bila kahwin, 2-3 bulan bercerai... Perghh! Ingat kahwin ni macam komputer ke apa? Boleh Shut Down suka2 hati!

Love is when you first lay your eyes on a person and you feel something even though you only met him once. You can't define the feeling. It's special. It's weird. And it's feel uncomfortably good. Love is a madness. Unchanging madness throughout your days and nights. Love makes you want to be with him here and the world after, to settle down and to have children. And the resolution is one and only: MARRY! Bak kata saya, "Biar bercinta sampai syurga!"

Dalam konteks Islam, cinta yang bersih dan suci ialah perkahwinan. Saya percaya hampir 99.9% pelawat blog ini ialah Islam. Pasti anda tahu, kalau kita bercinta kita TAK BOLEH sentuh, pegang, atau touch kekasih kita. Kapel itu haram. Kenapa haram? Sebab ia boleh membawa kepada zina. Ayat Al-Quran, "..janganlah kamu menghampiri zina"(surah Al-isra' ayat 32). Allah berfirman jangan. Bila jangan maknanya haram! Bukankah hidup kita sebagai muslim mestilah sentiasa "Melaksanakan suruhan Allah dan meninggalkan segala larangannya!"

I pray to Allah that one day I will meet my special person, my man. And I am his woman. I want him to say to me "You are mine." and I will definitely will answer "I am yours, always." Kekal bahagia sampai syurga. Semoga Allah kabulkan impian saya ni! Amiin...

Just some words from me to the girls out there.

When someone said that he loves you,
it doesn't true until he makes the steps
to make you his wife by protecting you
from making sins, from coupling and
always tries to be a better man in the
God way!

Cinta tak buta tapi anda yang
membutakan mata anda bila jatuh cinta!

P/S: Saya percaya kepada cinta sejati dan ayat skema dalam buku dongeng '... and they live happily ever after'. Anda bagaimana?

P/S again: Tersalah kata, tersilap taip... harap maafkan. Saya hamba Allah yang penuh kekurangan.

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