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Monday, December 6, 2010

Today, A.K wants to tell you about her favourite Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS) games! :) *alaa... takkan tak tahu apa itu NDS, tapi apa2 pun, tanye Encik Google kalau tak tahu ya?* The games are usually have a high rating and great review. But in A.K's view, as long as it fun and cool and interesting and good plot storyline it will be A.K's favourite. Mostly, A.K loves RPG games! :D

My all time favourite is Harvest Moon saga *currently the latest one is Harvest Moon The Twins Village*
I first played this game when I was 6 years old. And then, I felt in love with this game! TOTALLY! :D Suka sangat2. I just love to play this farming game. We can plant vegetables, fruits and grass. We can raise chickens, cows and sheep. Not to forget the dog, cat and horse. And lots more such as fishing, mining, upgrade house/barn, winning competition and etc.
My always there game is Pokemon saga *currently the latest one is Pokemon White and Black*!
Don't tell me you don't know this game okay? Coz' Pokemon is a world wide fever! :) Thrilling and I can't wait for the next Pokemon game version! But do you notice, why the Pokemons become more and more ugly? Hmmm...
My addicted drug is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney saga.
Ouh, I just love detective game or something similar to it! This game, you will become an ace attorney *peguam bela* and duhhh... fight and win cases to prove that your client is not guilty. Really challenging and I just love the characters and storyline is SUPERB! Love detective games? Here's one for you to try for NDS console, of course...
And my favourite game character is Mile Edgeworth. He is a prosecutor *peguam dakwa*, and handsome! Wants to know more about him? Play the game or simply, Mr. Google will help you! :)
My totally into it is Rune Factory saga *currently the latest one is Rune Factory 3*
A spin-off game from Harvest Moon. You can farm, raise monsters, train oh well... it's a mixture of farming and role-playing! :) The characters are totally cute and cool!
My old loving game is Tales Of Innocence.
This game has a very beautiful soundtracks. I really like the musics, characters and storyline. As you can see... it is one of the 'Tales of ...' saga.
So, these are the few games that I LOVE!
Do try play them coz' I guarantee you, they are fun to play for NDS console!
Till then, see you! :)

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