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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Assalamualaikum. Ya Allah... I am thankful for your 'nikmat'. Finally, after a one totally devastating year of form 4 in the school... I got what I want... I wished for this since I was form 1! It was hard to get it... Extremely hard. The pains, the hard works, the sleepless night *ye ke A.K, bukan kau ni kuat tidur ke? :P*, the never ending lessons and no to forget the home works! So what did just I get?
I got PNG 4.00 for this 2nd semester final exam!
Ya Allah, what a blessing! So I want to say THANK YOU to all my beloved teachers:

Cikgu Kasuma (BM),
Madam Zu (BI),
Sir Emir (Add Math),
Teacher Zaimah (Math Mod),
Ustzh Liza (Religion),
Teacher Hawabi (Chemistry),
Sir Rahman (Physics),
Miss Suriani and becoming Madam, Miss Sylvia (Biology),
Cikgu Jamilah (History)
and all other teachers that had helped me succeed.

I am looking forward to work hard and learn from all of you next year. Thank you again. And to my caring mom and dad, Thank you for understanding me. Not to forget my fellow friends, " A.K sayang kamu semua sangat2." I cannot wait to meet you all again. Lets succeed together, okay? I believe in all of you! Aren't we are the best batch, are we? *alahai... Perasan betul tapi tak apalah kan?* Mari kita bersama2 menggapai cita2 kita, ok? Percayalah bagi sesiapa yang berasa takut, tiada apa2 mustahil jika kita berusaha. Aku percaya kita semua boleh, ok? And last but not least... To my always there homeroom advisor, Miss Ziha, thank you for everything especially for your support and advices.

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