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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Assalamualaikum! :)

Today I will teach you how to make link (word) that when you click and 'dush' it brings you to 'Follow my blog' pop up! Dalam Bahasa Melayunya *alaa, manja betul.. ni pun nak A.K 'translate' ye?*... A.K nak ajar cara nak buat link yang bila tekan, keluar 'Follow My Blog' pop up! Alaa... yang macam A.K buat di atas Shoutmix A.K tu. Tak tahu juga? Hah, nah tengok yang bawah ni dan 'click' *dah tekan tu, follow lah blog A.K ni ye? hehehe*!
Follow my blog?
Hah, this above thing is the thing that I want to teach you how to make, okay? It's really easy! :)

1. Just copy this:
<*a href="">Follow my blog?<*/a>
and put anywhere you want to put. Remove the (*)!

2. Go here:
and learn how to know your blog ID!

3. Paste your blog ID to 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' and after that viola... DONE! :)

Easy right? :) Now, you don't need a widget to make others can follow your blog! This is really helpful if you are using a blog template like me ! :D

P/S: Selain itu, boleh juga guna gambar untuk buat link ni ek! :D

Till then... see ya! :)

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