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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Assalamualaikum! :)
Okay, gather up everybody... today A.K's want to teach you how to use HTML layout like the one that I'm using now! :D There are few things you need to know about HTML layout.
1. HTML layout is different from usual layout.
2. HTML layout is not suitable to have widgets.
3. You need to have some basic knowledge of HTML.
So these are the things. So are you ready? Here we go! :)

For this tutorial, I'm going to use this layout made by OhFudge and you can download the layout here!
1. If you are using this kind of layout (look picture 1) then you need to revert to Classic layout by going to 'Edit HTML' (still picture 1).
Picture 1
2. Then, scroll until bottom and click 'Revert to Classic Template' (picture 2).
Picture 2
3. Now, you shall have the classic HTML template editor that looks like this (picture 3).
Picture 3
4. Open the text document of the layout that you have downloaded and copy all the HTML (picture 4).
Picture 4
5. Paste it in the HTML editor in picture 3.
6. You are almost done! Take a look at your blog now! It shall look like this (picture 5).
Picture 5
7. Now is the HTML editing part.
8. To change you blog title, edit it here (look picture 6).
Picture 6
9. Scroll down and search these to edit your 'Main' (look picture 7).
Picture 7
10. Scroll down again and search these to edit your profile (look picture 8).
Picture 8
11. Scroll down again and search these to edit your affiliates (look picture 9).
Picture 9
12. Scroll down again and search these to put your Shout box (look picture 10).
Picture 10
13. Scroll down again and take a look at the credits. You are not allowed to edit these but maybe if you want to put something here (like 'This blog is owned by...), just add it. (look picture 11)
Picture 11
14. And that's it... you are done! :) If you want to take a look how's this layout looks like in a real blog... 'click here'!

Thank you for reading my tutorial.
Questions? Drop a comment in my Shoutbox but I prefer you drop a question here at my Formspring! :)

Now... take your time strolling this site to search for a cool layout for your blog! Have FUN! :D *jangan sama dengan A.K sudah lah ya? :)*

P/S: Please do me a favor... don't copy my tutorial, okay? :)

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