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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Assalamualaikum! :)
Warning: Picture above does not tell the story lies below...

Firstly... when A.K gets addicted to something, she will become a crazy girl! *ouh... ini bukan cerita bohong!* :P

And the story began with once upon a time... there was a girl name A.K. She was a very pretty girl... opss sorry, she was not pretty but she was cute! Right? A.K is cute right? Right? Right? Right??? *aisshhh... sudah2 lah tu A.K, melalut betul* Ehemm... so as you can see, I'm a bookworm *apa? kamu tak tahu saya gila buku? biar betul?*! Eeekk... wait? Is this the 1st time I tell you, I'm crazy about books? Opssy... my fault *saya manusia biasa yang lupa dan alpa*! And then the story continues when my mom bought me Twilight book for my Sem.2 result. SNAP! *bunyi sound effect dalam kepala A.K* OMG, Edward Cullen is so damn cool + handsome *dalam bayangan A.K*! To tell the truth, I think the books are better than the movies! I immediately... totally fall in love with Edward Cullen!
Then, for 9 days and 9 nights *dramatik sungguh*... I screamed + kicked + punched+ yelled + sobbed + jumped + swam + slapped + shouted + etc... I was giving both my parents the baddest tantrum that I ever gave *ya... A.K mengaku*! All I wanted was:
Twilight: New Moon + Eclipse + Breaking Dawn books!
I wanted to know the whole story really badly!
*internet tak banyak membantu masa ini*
Every time we went to book stores (Popular + Kinokuniya + MPH) *time nilah... selalu pula pergi ke kedai buku*, I would stared at the books that I wanted very badly! *buat apa bawa A.K ke kedai buku kalau tak nak belikan buku? Hmmm...* Maybe because my parents were tired with me so finally, yesterday... they bought me the three books! :) Finally I got them! So, thanks mom and dad... "Adik sayang mak ayah, minta maaf sebab jadi gila sejak 9 hari yang lalu! Janji tak buat lagi tapi kalau adik dah 'addicted' pada buku lain... bersiap sedialah melihat adik menggila lagi! He3"!

In the end... it was a happy ending. :)
By the way, that's why I changed the past layout to this layout! XD

My beloved books! :)
Books rating: 10/10

My one and only vampire, Edward Cullen! Back off, he's mine... TOTALLY!

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