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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So today I was busy editing and designing pictures. I made some icons 100x100, cards and start to make a nice new layout for my blog *again? What the?* Apart the layout was a total failure. The icons look nice to me. While the cards are for my club in Myanimelist.
Let's take a look at my icons
which I made for my blog.

Do them look okay?
Tell me your opinion.
Which one looks better?
Just post a comment okay? :)

3 lucky visitors that comment will get me do her/him blog a banner@icon 100x100 that is design exclusively by me!

When I say exclusive, you can choose your own colour, picture, words on it and etc! :) So hurry up and comment! It's no that hard right to comment? :) Maybe you are the lucky visitors? :D Btw, Thank you. Bye2.

P/S: My favorite is the umbrella and Emma Watson one! :)

Design by yours truly, A.K with base codes from . Lots of cuteness taken from and and . Smile to the pictures captured by , and . Ahhh... come to my library and books are read together :)
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