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★► Iman Ashley
Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey dear, meet my cousin Iman Ashley bt. Shukri. My sweet, young cousin. Only 11 months old. Her birthday is on 21st January. Lives with her papa, mama and 2 older brothers. Currently the last of the line in my cousin queue list. Ngeee... she's the youngest among us! :) Reaaaaaaaally cuuuuuuute! I love her so much. Especially her hair *wink2*.
Look, her gorgeous eyes... Ahh... so cute! XD
Do I look like Chinese?
Iman miss you Kak Tyra!
Who is that cute girl in mirror?
Learn how to eat sate maa... Want some?
I want to be a super model when I'm big Kak Tyra!
Mama, our pictures are in Kak Tyra's blog! Waaa!
Papa, I want to visit Kak Tyra's blog, please... I don't want to go to other place!
Apa kau ni A.K? Orang sibuk buat azam baru, kau sibuk post gambar sepupu kau! Ada apa dengan otakmu itu A.K? Oh... maaf ya. Tak mahu sama dengan orang. Hahahahaaa... XD *otak sengal*

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