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★► I'm hot
Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm hot! :P Ngee... not that hot like the girl above but this hot *A.K rasa gadis di atas ni hot*. I mean, I'm sick... REALLY SICK. 38.5 degree Celsius. Better get off to sleep but well, I do want to update my blog before tomorrow. Walaupun mata dah berpinar, namun ku gagahkan juga demi readers sekalian... apalah kau ni A.K, cubalah bawa berehat! Esok dah nak balik hostel... Mama dah bising tu! Jadi, I can't write a long post. Nanti apa jadi, siapa susah? A.K juga... Hahaaa... XD So yeah, do miss me when I'm away will you? Take care all! A.K nak pergi rehat sebelum diri ini gelap menyembah bumi tanpa sedar... Weeee! :P *tak padan orang demam*

P/S: Confirm esok tak sempat nak update! :)

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