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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ooohh, finally a normal post! :) So what I'm going to write in this entry is about page loading speed. Lalalalalaa... everyone know about this right? Tentang berapa lajukah blog anda di load. Tahukah anda kelajuan blog anda??? Tak tahu... then maybe you have make all your beloved readers and followers have a heart attack waiting for your blog! This is important! A slow loading blog will make someone becomes 'fast and furious... kitaaa... drift, drift, drift'!

Do you know that average loading time are 10 seconds. Yeahh, 10! Lebih 10, hmm... baik anda kemas blog anda pakai vacuum dan cuci pakai Clean and Clear. Perghh, baru mantap blog anda! Laju ala F1 gitu!

Bila A.K test blog A.K di beberapa web popular untuk test... inilah keputusannya! :)
This one said that the average is 5.07 seconds.

Bila yang ni kata 4.8 seconds.

This one give a detailed result. Total HTML, Objects, CSS, Scripts and much more. Plus, it gives recommendation how to improve your page speed load! Memang best lah web ni! :D

Searchmetrics Rapid
Yang ni ada buat result berdasarkan kelajuan modem.

Which loads faster?
Yang ni lagi best! Compare kan kelajuan blog anda dengan blog orang lain. Tak pun dengan Mr. Google ke, Miss Yahoo ke... hah, baru tahu lambat ke tidak! Boleh buat repeat test dan dapat average lagi tu! :) Memang best dan berguna!

Dengan blog Syufa yang menang award Blog Paling Ringan. Blog Syufa 23% lagi laju dari blog A.K.

With my favorite blog. Hehee... I win la Abang Ben! :) I'm 52% faster.

Dengan Mr. Google! Mr. Google is 6.7 times faster than my blog. Oh come on, you don't expect me to win right? Mr. Google is so fast. He uses F1, I use vespa... Weeeee! :P

With Miss Yahoo. She is slower than Mr. Google but yeah, it still 2.1 times faster than me.
I had done my test. How about you? Go on and do it now and maybe you will get surprise with the result especially with 'Which loads faster?'! :D Have a nice day... bye!

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