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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Oh dear, I'm away awhile from maktab. Ha3, outing with Laila, Amal and Ajlaa. Weeee... Parit Sulong, here I am. But sebentar lagi kena balik dah! :P Tidak apalah. Ahad ni I'm going home. A bit late because form 5 ada kem! Biasalah nak SPM!

Just now I ate nasi goreng ayam = RM 3.50. Hey, it's cheap! Very suprised! Laila punya nasi goreng kampung pedaslah... Ajlaa is same with me. Amal prefer mihun sup. Lepas tu round singgah kedai beli Epop baru! :) Sukaa sangat. Weee... Nothing to buy actually. Saja-saja outing. Makan-makan.

Sedar tak readers sekalian birthday A.K dah lepas. 1 Mac lepas! Last Tuesday. Weee... A.K dapat MP4 barulah daripada ayah! Nanti A.K post gambarnya! :)

Ok, girls and guys, got to go! :) See ya...

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