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Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Read the title, take a look at the awesome banner, guess what is it? Yeah, it is a contest! Okay, readers hold on as we ride through the rules. Weeeee :D
~menfollow blog fana . wajibun . law fana checkxde , automatic terkeluar . *Okay*

~buat satu entry pasal contest ne . amek barner tu skali.
cerite kan keunikanblog korang and blog fana .
cerite je pape asalkan menarik
perhatian fana nak bace . suke haty lah nak
panjang atw pendek . *Look below will ya? :)*

~hantar kan link entry di comment fana . kegagalan korang
membuat begitu akan menyebabkan korang terkeluar
serta merta . *Weeee*

~pemenang hanyelah sorang sahaje .undian bukan secare
vote tapi dipilih oleh fana sendiri . *oh... pick me, pick me, pick me... Hahaaa XD*

~LIKE blog fana kat sidebar tu . *Yes miss!*

~click heartbeat fana *Right on*
Keunikan blog A.K
Oh my God? I get to write about my blog-y? My elegant, hot, cute, beautiful, awesome, colourful and one and only blog-y? COOL! I mean double cool! *like Cool Blog* Anyway, this is not for the weak heart. Only the braves can survive to read it! Bwahahaa... okay, I'm just kidding *wink2*. Let's start with a statement: My blog is unique! The uniqueness comes from the layout. I mean the super-duper-cute-like-me-layout. Hehee... don't hit me coz' I know I'm cute *get a pinch from you...Owch!* Okay, okay, okay... cute like you readers. But still not as cute as me *another pinch... Ouchhh*. Then, it is unique because of its name: Perisple. I betcha you never hear that word, do you? My own make up word. A combination of Periscope + Purple = Perisple. Sweet huh? :P Right the next one... why my blog is so unique because I am the owner *get a big slap from readers... PANG... woaaa, ouchhhhhhh*! Hey, everyone is unique right? So everyone who has blog, his or her blog is unique too in his or her style and way. RIGHT? Raise your hand if you agree *I know you raise your hand... heee, beware of my 7th sense... I can see it XD* Ngeee... okay, that's all for the A.K Talk Show today. I hope you enjoy watching my drama and please do turn on your PC every night at 9.00 p.m for A.K's latest news update., your number one stop for A.K's latest news!~

Keunikan blog Fana
Weee... Fana, nice to meet you! I'm A.K by the way. How are you dear? Have you eaten? Or you just wake up from sleep in the morning... Ooohh, have a shower first will ya? Hehehe... please, no offense mean here. Let's straight to the heaven, I want to confess. Please don't get angry as I write it... I love your blog! Yeah, really like it. I mean, it's so cute! What else can I say, I'm addicted to cute things (which include your blog). If I need help about blog, I know I can depend on your blog. Gee... you have so many great tutorials! Nice work Fana! I do mean it, you know? In my point of view, readers keep on visiting your blog basically first, the tutorials and second, the cuteness! :) So yeah, keep doing a good tutorials for reader + followers will you? XD

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