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Friday, March 18, 2011


Weee... start your day with a... contest-crunch! Hee... okay, I'm sorry! I do want to participate in this contest. There is limited participant so yeah, first come, first enter! (alasan semata-mata ni... ngeeee :P) Okay, guys and gals... let's face the rules.

1.wajib ade blog ! *Weeee*
2.wajib follow my blog ! *Done*
3.namakan entry korang Contest header kawaii *Right on*
4.jantina : up to you la ! *Girl, girly, girlish of course*
5.warga malay *Yup, citizen of Tanah Melayu*
6.contest cuma perlu 25 blogger saje ! *Gasp*
7. Letak Url entry contest dekad bahagian komen niehh ! *A.S.A.P.*
8.tag 2 org sjae ! *tagging time*
9.tarikh tutup 15 april :) *okay*
So the lucky ones to get tagged are:

Ain Nadhirah
Hanis Haziqah
My contest header :) Click for the full size.

P/S: Click to go to the penganjur's blog! :)

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