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Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Again? Are you kidding A.K? Ngee... I promise, after this is a normal post. Oh, come on, I just love contest. Perhaps I can win? Who knows darling? *wink2* Okay, as usual like always. Rules!

~follow blog miera and anis ! wajib ! kalo x serta merta tidak diterima oleh kitorang ! *done*

~wajib wat entry pasal contest nie ! beserta banner *weee, okay*

~kalo nk join , bagi tahu kt shoutbox miera and comment dekat entry anis . *A.S.A.P.*

~contest ini bermula dari 19 mac hingga 25 mac *oh, 25th is my diamond Becha's birthday! :D*

~keputusan diumumkan pada 26 mac *will wait patiently...*

~keputusan 100 peratus dinilai oleh kitorang ! bukan dari vote ! *have a nice time judging, will ya? :)*

~tag tiga orang bloggers and pastikn diorang tau korang tag diorang *on your mark, get set... tag!*
So, I want to tag:

+ all readers
+ all followers

Come and join the contest! :)

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