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Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Weee... do I need to say anything as the banner already tells the tale? Like always readers, let's fly to Seoul... errr, I mean the rules. Heehee :P
1. kena follow dania and miyn *100% positive that I have done it*

2. namakan entry korang Contest header paling kreatif *everyone, looks at the title please*

3. jantina : laki pompan pon boleh *definitely gadis*

4. warga MALAYSIA *Malaysian's here*

5. contest akan terbatal serta-merta sekiranya peserta hanya bawah 5 peserta ! *count me in*

6. tarikh tutup :: 16 April 2011 *wow, it's my diamond Nadia's birthday*

7. tag 2 orang blogger , dan pastikan mereka tawu yang mereka telah di tag. *okay*

8. Letak Url entry pasal contest nieh dekad bahagian komen bawah niehh , *A.S.A.P*

9. letak banner contest and letak link blog dania dekad entry korang (: *done*

Okay, the lucky ones today are:


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