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Friday, March 18, 2011

My only abang.

Hey you all, meet my bro, Amirul Khairin Khairuddin. My one and only big brother. Yeah, he's my real brother, my sibling! Not the 'angkat2' one, okay? :) I love him more than I love you readers *opss... sorry guys and gals*. Anyway, sorry again girls. He is taken.

Big bro, I miss you dearly. Hmmm... dah berkurun abang tak balik rumah. Yalah, lots of work at university. No time to spend with you lil' SISTERS *big capital S* that are very annoying and noisy. Hey abang, adik balik once every 2 months. I'm quite disappointed when I was home last Sunday and you were not home. I miss you so much! We are closed do we? After all you are 19 and I'm perfectly 17 y/o and almost 1 month. I'm glad you remembered my birthday and sent me a wish on Facebook *although I read it few days later when I went outing*.

Do you know bro? Because you are my big bro, I don't want to have 'abang angkat'. Cukuplah 1 yang terhebat. Even I do not say it always, I love you always. Good luck with your study at UiTM Lendu, Melaka *which is not very far away from my home*. Have fun with you Science Computer friends. But never forget me will ya? *boleh ke lupa? Dah lah adik-beradik... Haaaahhaahaaa* :) I'm totally have a brother complexion here!

Weeee... you promised me you will be home today! Break it and and I break your head *kidding*. Don't forget my birthday present! Then I will love you more *okay, I'm kidding again*
Amirul Khairin (A.K), can't steal him for me!

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