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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Assalamualaikum! :)

Weee, I'm back for good. Do you all miss me like heaven? I know you do! :P Okay, just kidding Hahaha... And yeah, do you notice it? Look around. Ha'ah, a new layout! XD Cool huh? I know it is, you don't need to say it.

For this layout, my inspiration is: RAINBOW. Yeah, so I played with the colours but eventually it went quite wrong that I ended up using some colour suggestions at Colour Lovers. I just couldn't decide you know! Anyway, the design was quite simple... the header: I arranged some pictures randomly and it turned like above. Actually I kinda like it. A lot! I finished the layout after 2 days struggling! The hardest part: urghh... the coding! It was really hard. It really took my nerve.

Red alert: Some graphics on the left were made by me! No ripping! Take them and you die *okay... I'm kidding, I'm not a serial killer but yeah, please, don't rip my work! :O*. Anyway, just check out the credits if you want to know where I get those pictures. :)

Ooooh, and some of the pixels, I forgot where I got them. Anyone knows? Please tell me so I can credits them properly. Thanks!

So that's all for now, will see you all really soon! :P Daaaa...

Design by yours truly, A.K with base codes from . Lots of cuteness taken from and and . Smile to the pictures captured by , and . Ahhh... come to my library and books are read together :)
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