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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Do you guys know that I made my blog on 4th of July 2008? If you count correctly or in this case, I use Daisypath to count it accurately for me, I have been blogging since 2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 1 day! So I'm not that newbie in this blogging world you know. Click to read my 1st ever entry.

When I first made my blog, I had no friends *and followers of course*. I did not know how to get friends and I was quite helpless. I lived with friends who had no interest in IT world. So I was alone, completely a-l-o-n-e. I don't know how to explain it. And that time, I was a kid that not smart enough to Google to find friends.

My 1st friend that I made was not from Malaysia. It was a UK girl named Azza. But she preferred to be called Azzy Chan. When I asked her where she got to know my blog, she replied to me that she just happened browsing others before she met mine. Hmm... I didn't quite understand about that, okay? But at that time, I was thrilled to have a friend. A first real IT friend! But now, her blog is closed as she has no time to update it anymore. Click to visit her blog!

Then, I got to meet some of her friends. No... not UK girls like her. They were mostly Singaporeans and Philippians. Chinese! This happened around November 2009, after I sat for my PMR. One of them who had a great impact on me was Hester *but her blog is closed now*. I became their friends and I love to talk to them. They were creative and visualized it by their blog layout. I envied them very much that I started to learn make layout too. Now, most of them stopped blogging already :( I do miss them.

Then, after that only... I made friends with Malaysian. When I got older and smarter of course! And some of my school friends started to blog too. I was happy, really happy to have friends again! I was over the moon to know that there are many great Malaysians' blogs that as awesome as Singaporeans and Philippians blogs. I find myself roaming through all the blogs to get more friends. To share my story with someone who knows the place that I had been, the food that I ate and the culture that we share, I was over joy!

Oooh, before blogging, I was in Piczo world. Making websites. Around 2005-2006. And yeah, I made friends from around the world. Piczo is not popular among Malaysian you know. I vividly remembered my first website was GundamSeedShrines. Not that popular before I made Sakura no Hana. My friends that I remembered well was Rie-chan, Star chan, Miharu and Kokoro chan! We ruled the Piczo at that particular time *kinda extrema talking... hehee*. And again, most of them were inactive now!

You see, I had went through a lot of experiences. At the age of 10, I tried to connect to people around world. Learning their culture, sharing our knowledge and lots more! I could not describe my happiness to have they as my friends. You shall try, you know? Become friend with lots of people around the globe. And this is one of my reasons that I make my blog in English so that I can share my stories not just Malaysian but all the people that live in others countries!

Last but not least I wish I can meet them again. My childhood IT friends! My memories.

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