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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yoohoo, are you there? Remember my last post? If not, simply scroll down ya? :) Anyway let's continue with the part 2. I'm so excited to type! XD These are a bit more group with their specific fan club. Some are new band that have just debut like Boyfriend.

Dalmatian's fan club is named Dalmates.
T-max's fan club is named Mightymax.
SM the Ballad's fan club is named Balladears.
Co-Ed School fans are called Classmates.
Rainbow fanclub is named Rainnous.
Secret fan club name is Secret Time.
Girl's Day fan club name is Dai5y.
Boyfriend fans are Bestfriend.
G.Na fan club name is G.Ni.
Arashi fan club name is Arashian.
TRAX fan club name is Traxian.
One Way fan club is One Love.
SG Wannabe fan club name is Love Room.
Shinhwa fan club is Shinhwa Changjo [SHJC for short].
Block B fans are BBC.
Dal Shabet fans are called Darlings.

Do you know that, not just the group has a specific fan club's name but also the members can have a specific fan clubs' name too? Let's take a look! :)

MIRacle - Mir (Bang Cheol Yong) *obvious*
Soonja - Thunder (Cheon Doong) *I don't know the meaning behind this one*
SeungHolicsYang Seung Ho *obvious*
J+ - Lee Joon *a play on MBLAQ's fanclub name, only replacing the A with his first initial*

FlamesMinho *because his nickname is Flaming Charisma*
BlingersJonghyun *because his nickname is Bling Bling*
Lockets Key *key-locket, get it? :)*
M.V.PsOnew *In their debut song, Nuna You're So Pretty, Onew sings "Nuna you're my MVP"
Taemints - Taemin *After their debut, Taemin would always carry around candy with SHINee wrappers to give to nunas. I think this is the cutest fanclub name ever!!*

Aces - Gi Kwang
Soulmates - Yo Seob

Super Junior
PETALS - Kim Heechul

TaeGang - Kim Taeyeon
GorJess Spazzer - Jessica Jung
Sunshiners - Sunny
Fanytastics - Tiffany
Hyohunnies - Kim Hyoyeon
Yurisistable - Kwon Yuri
YoonAddicts - Im YoonA
Sooyoungsters - Choi Sooyoung
SeoMates - Seohyun

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