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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I'm back from blogwalking! :P Today my mood is pretty good so WARNING: medium-long post is on your way :) Anyway, I met some cool blogs and a few contests *want to join but my beloved Internet is not allowing me to do so* while strolling around. OMG, some of the blogs are really adorable that makes me want to hug my desktop... Heheeee, may I cuddle your blog then?

Lots of them have a very simple blog! Back to my blog then I realized... wohoo, A.K your sidebar is too crowded. Hahaa... I know. There are even 2 sidebars side-by-side! Okay, I know but then I like those sidebars~ *even if you hate them...* After all, this is my style and taste. The style of making blog's crowded! Hohoho....

Maybe one day, I will make a much simpler layout. Perhaps a blog without a sidebar? *OMG, I can't imagine where to put my profile picture!* But, wow that looks cool. A blog without a sidebar! So, this is my original idea, don't steal it or I eat you *just kidding*!

Then, I think I DID promise to show you all my precious item: 2PM SIGNATURES!!! But unfortunately, I can't find my Xperia. Duh, where did I put it? I looked around my house and still it was no where could be found. You there, do you see my phone? I need it really badly. I want to text ma' friends you know. Urgh... I think I better call Detective Conan to help me find my phone. It was missing for whole 2 days!!!

In the end, I don't want to be a hypocrite, okay? If I say I like it that means I like it. And vice-versa. So, I do love K-pop very much. You hate it? Fine. I won't mind but please don't say nasty words to me regarding my addiction to K-pop. Peace man, click that 'X' button on top right rather than rambling to me how stu*** I am to be a K-poppers. Thank you~

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