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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Weee... I'm back after went to holiday in the village. To all although it's late, Selamat Hari Raya! :) By the way, everyone gives A.K a round of applause as now she will reveal to you her 2PM album + signatures + photo book~ Let's go!

Check out this 2PM 2nd album 'Hands Up' that I bought online. This is a Special Edition and I really love it! :) It was a present of my SEM 1 final exam which I got 4.00. My mom bought it for me.

2PM 2nd album Hands Up Special Edition.

The special edition contents: 2 photo books and framed calendar (6 pictures, 2011 year from June to December) as well as poster.

The 1st photo book.

The back of 1st photo book.

Sneak peek inside it: My favorite, Junsu.

The 2nd photobook.

The back cover of 2nd photo book.

Framed calendar.

Again, the sneak peek with my Junsu! :)

The big poster! Woohooo, I totally adore it! XD

Then, here is my 2PM photo book: This Is For My Hottest. OMG! The pics in the book are awesome! :D Again, this is a present for my Pre-Trial SPM result. I managed to pass it with a flying colour~

The front cover. Notice that I already wrapped it? ;)

The photo book also included an exclusive CD of their 1st concert in Seoul.

Sneak peek time with my Junsu again! XD

And behold of the signature of 2PM's members! Heheeee.... that's why this book is a very precious thing of mine! Click for a better view of my Junsu oppa signature! Try to guess which one is Taec, Junho, Woo, Khun and Chan signatures!

Oh, do I forget to mention the prices? The 2PM 2nd album SE cost me about RM 132.00 including postage. I bought it at Shine Collection. The photo book is more costly! Well, the signatures are very rare! I bought it for RM 250.00 at JSWpanda shop at Ebay. So total cost for this 2 item is RM 382.00! Wohooo, thanks mom for this 2 precious things of mine!

For now, adios~

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