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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm back for goodness! Do you all miss me like how much I miss you all? God, after a long 2-month-stay at hostel, finally... HOME SWEET HOME. Nothing is better than sitting on this wooden chair, facing the desktop and browsing the internet.

By the way, I feel bored with the past layout:

Past layout version 4

So, I quickly decide to make a new one. So... TADAAAA... A new layout in the midst of hardship! It takes me a whole day to finish it. Again, I have a serious trouble with the coding! I think I spend 3/4 of the time to code it.

This layout is pretty simple actually. But I really like the colour combination! :) It's cream! Like ice-cream~ And I make a few new things and upload a new pic of mine! Don't forget to check it out at 'Me' section, do you? :D At the top right is Follow my blog button! Cool huh? I like the design. But... it's custom made. I just add the 'follow' word. :P See the credits if you want to know where I get it! :)

And I really like the anime picture on the left!
She looks really pretty and innocent... Like me! Hahaaa...
My blog title is 'Almost to the end...' which means my time in secondary school is almost over. I have less then 1 month before I end my secondary school education and less than 10 days before SPM! My goodness, time has flown away! :( I'm going to university in the near future.

So, take a good look around and don't forget to leave a comment at my Shoutbox in 'Shout' section. Love you all and see you soon :)

Design by yours truly, A.K with base codes from . Lots of cuteness taken from and and . Smile to the pictures captured by , and . Ahhh... come to my library and books are read together :)
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