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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I want this type of desk :) So cute! *caption not related to post :P


Hi there! :) Today, I went blogwalking again. I replied comments and shouts and visited some of my affiliates as well as added new friends. Do check them out! :) They are awesome!

After a few blogs I went, I suddenly realised... many of the bloggers are still using Shoutmix!

Everyone: SHOUTMIX is expiring!
I repeat: SHOUTMIX is expiring!
Again: SHOUTMIX is e.x.p.i.r.i.n.g!

Read here if you don't believe it: Shoutmix Important Notice

I know communication between the blog owner and visitors are verrrrry important. And so, today I want to provide to you a list of new FREE shout box that you can use :) I know you Shoutmix is really cool but we don't want to pay, do we?
  1. iShoutbox (I'm using this one because I can customize it almost similar to Shoutmix)
  2. Fibox
  3. Cbox
  4. Oggix
  5. MyShoutbox
  6. Freeshoutbox
  7. Yellbox
  8. FreeShoutBoxSite
  9. Free-Shoutbox
  10. ShoutJax
  11. Shootbox

I personally recommend you the top 3. But it's up to you to choose. If you want to ask any questions regarding my shout box which is iShoutbox, please feel free to ask! :)

Till then, see you. As Salam.

P/S: Can this post be categorized as freebies? Hmmmm...

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