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★► Rach VS Pore
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Black-dotted baby: OMGeee! We are the cover for the new 'Babies' magazine!
Pink-striped baby: WTF??? We are only featured in A.K latest post laaa...


Hi there. It's me again (who do you expect if not me, A.K, the owner? :P. Guess what, I'm back from PD@Port Dickson. Huhui... it was a memorable trip. Let me tell you a tale of the two hotels.
Rach (rich) VS Pore (poor)

On the day of departure, Monday, I was reallllly happy. Seriously. Excited! In the car, I laughed a lot and was having so much fun. By the way, I went on holiday with my Mak Teh, Pak Teh, and their children (my cousins). And then... I saw our hotel signboard.

Tiara Beach Resort

I was like a kid who was given a candy and wohooo... jumping up and down! Come on, see the pic below and you will think the hotel was like drop dead gorgeous.

But... once check-in, all I could see was:

And I was like:

Nickhun from 2PM, my lil' baby. Hehee

The room was RM 200++ and if we want to play at the water park, we must pay RM 15 for an adult and RM 10++ for a child. Seriously, we already rented a room and now we need to pay if we want to swim? WTF???

The hotel had a very poor management. Why I said so?

1. The environment was VERY dirty. No need to say about the rubbish :X Even the room corridor was crowded with rubbish.
2. The place was smelly.
3. The park water was cloudy and looked like it had been used for awhile and not been changed.
4. The room was in a VERY poor condition. The fan had broken so no fan in the living room. The curtain rail had broken too. There were kulat on the bed sheet and curtain. No air-conditioner remote controller. The bedroom's door could not be closed. WTF???
5. The lifts were broken. Their reasons: Spare part for the lift could not be found.

My aunt and uncle was very angry and disappointed. Indah khabar dari rupa! So we stayed for the night (my cousins screamed as they didn't want too stay). And the next day we went to other hotel. Supposedly we should stay for another night there but we could not bear it (we burned our RM 200++).

And we went to:

Grand Lexis Port Dickson (formerly known as The Legend International Water Homes)

The promo pic was like... PARADISE! And the hotel stick to it preview pic!

The view was splendid! XD

Oooooohhhh... finally the real holiday~ I couldn't help but smile all the way.
The room's rate was around RM 900++. BUT it was worth it. Grand Lexis offers luxurious accommodation with 317 spacious villas that are equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioner, flat screen TV, in room safe and telephone. Each villa has a private pool and patio where one can take advantage of the pleasant view of the open sea. That is what we call HOLIDAY!

And our face were like:

Eun oppa, you look happy *Caption is not related to the post

The services were excellent. The room was spacious. The view was pleasant. This luxurious 5-Star resort had made up the bad memory in Tiara.

And so this was the end of the tale of rach hotel VS pore hotel. Ahh... those memories at Grand Lexis ARE unforgettable (^__^) but I do really hope I will forget about Tiara. Duh "=.=

Those smiles at Grand Lexis are precious:

My family :)

The Venice-like-view *cehwah

The road to the villas@rooms. Sangat panjang ke belakang.

My sis posed in the room

The private in-villa pool. Seharian tak nak keluar!

KMX bike riden by my cousin, Mikhail

My grandma tried to ride :P The hotel's area was realllly big!

P/S: Sorry.. no photo was taken at Tiara sebab 'hot' punya pasal.
P/SS: Rach is rich and pore is poor

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