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Friday, December 30, 2011

This pen is mine, not yours. Thank you.


Today I want to make a tutorial how to add message before comment form. This is requested by Aisyahtul! :) Actually A.K does not know what is it called. Hmmm... take a look at this pic:

I want to teach you to how add the :

I love you all! :) Drop me a comment will you? Wee... I'm waiting! XD

Here's the steps.

1. Go to your dashboard and click 'Settings' .
2. Click 'Comments' then.
3. Scroll down a bit and you find this 'Comment form message'.
4. Edit it and you're done! :)

Any problems please tell me at my Formspring or Comment below since I sometimes tak perasan if you shout at the Shoutbox.

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Design by yours truly, A.K with base codes from . Lots of cuteness taken from and and . Smile to the pictures captured by , and . Ahhh... come to my library and books are read together :)
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