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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh god, this bag is heavy. You, gentleman there, help me please.


Obviously when you're reading this post, I'm at PLKN! I told you I would be going to PLKN a few weeks ago... I will be going to PLKN from 3rd January until 17th March 2012. Yeah, it's a 3 month course. I wish I can lose some weight :) I am excited + nervous. I hope I can do all the activities well. My partner there is Pkod. I really hope I can meet a lot of great people!

And so ....

Dear readers and followers :)

When I'm away, please:

- do not steal my things
- do not copy-cat my blog
- do not make mess in my blog
- do not copy my tutorials
- do not forget me! :)

I will appreciate it if you can follow above rules especially the last one. I love you all. But don't worry I'll be back in 3 months. Please pray for my safety at PLKN especially when I learn how to handle M16.

Do miss me, okay? All comments and shouts will be replied after I return safely home.

Till then, see ya and As Salam.

P/S: I have scheduled some posts to be published automatically :)

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