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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yeahh... I'm back. Ulalalaaa.. what? You thought that JLKN would not allow us, the pelatihs, go home for CNY? Then, you're wrong. I'm perfectly happy to sit here in front of the desktop :)

So... let's get back to the subject.

Liking the PLKN

Yeah... Or perhaps it should be loving the PLKN? Hahahaaa.. either one is fine.
Okay, at first I thought that PLKN just another annoying event that I was forced to attend. For all those tiring physical activities, I thought I would die there! No biggie though.

In case you want to know, I am a trainee at
Kem PLKN Nasuha Pagoh.

PLKN schedule is more pack than hostel. Take a look at my hectic days in PLKN schedule.
5.00 AM - Wake up
5.45 AM - Pray Subuh
6.30 AM - Without fail need to be at Padang Kawad, late = die
7.00 AM - Morning exercise
7.30 AM - Breakfast
8.30 AM - Again without fail need to be at Padang Kawad, late = die. After this, classes start.
10.30 AM - Minum pagi
11.00 AM - Back to class
12.30 PM - Lunch
1.00 PM - Pray Zuhur
2.30 PM - And again without fail need to be at Padang Kawad, late = die. After this, classes start back.
4.30 PM - Minum petang
5.00 PM - Pray Asar
6.30 PM - Dinner
7.00 PM - Pray Maghrib and Isyak
9.00 PM - Classes/activities or simply lepak at Dewan makan
10.30 PM - Teachers tell us tomorrow schedule
11.30 PM - Sleep

It looks like I have a lot of free time huh? Duh... let's say we need to be at Padang Kawad 2.30 PM sharp, the journey takes 15 minutess walk + we need to wait for everyone in the company are present before start to move, so at 2.00 PM we have start to berkumpul! Late, like I said is equal to DIE!

Even the days there are scary and hurtful, I would like to thank these people that have brighten my days there. Without you all, I absolutely would die because of the dullness.

Nur Syafiqah Nabilah Thahir
Noor Yusliza Zainal
Ziela Suramin
Taiyeba Siraj
Erna Naziera
Nur Atiqah Sani
Syafiqah Aquilah

Taiyeba and Pkod

Yus and Ziela

The moment we receive our phones

From left: Yus, me, Ziela, Taiyeba, Tyqa and Pkod

Happy faces at night before CNY holiday

That is Cikgu Ijan

He has many personalities seriously!

------------------------------Not to forget------------------------------

My buddy - Azie
Cikgu Sani @ Mentor
Cikgu Ijan
CIkgu Fiza
Cikgu Aisyah
Cikgu Ghaffar

and of course.... Kaum Alpha @ Alpharians

P/S: No captions as there are too many pics... kekekeee


Let's be strong until the end of PLKN.
Alpha sentiasa Kuat, Kental, Bersatu selamanya.

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