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Monday, January 2, 2012

Kyu oppa is mine :)


Hi it's me again... duh, who do you expect if it's not me? Hahahaa... I just want to tell you that I had ordered some Super Junior official things! Plus I want to promote to you a good blogshop that sells Kpop merchandises. So, Kpoppers... give an extra attention to this post. Especially if you want to know where to buy quite cheap Kpop albums or merchandises. Huhuuu...

Okay back to my super-duper exciting story. Guys, I had ordered:

Super Junior - The 3rd Asia Tour - Super Show 3 (DVD + Photobook)

LinkClick here to buy this DVD!

OMGeeeee... I can't wait for this DVD to arrive home from KOREA! I know you guys are dying want to know the price.

Dear loyal ELF please buy this and support our oppa only at RM 125.00. Show them our support! :)

RM 125.00 is not cheap. I know. Some blogshops even sell it at RM 130.00, RM 140.00 and the price can goes up to almost RM 160.00 if you buy it at Yesasia. I bought mine at Valoa Records. I repeat: Valoa Records! This is a very trustworthy blogshop! Go check it out! You won't regret it.

Why I bought this even though it's expensive?
The main reason is: I will never been allowed to go to concert by my parents. No matter it's Super Junior *sobsobsob*, 2PM, SNSD, Miss A or others... Plus Super Show 3's ticket is expensive. The cheapest is RM 226 (the most expensive is RM 486)! So, at least I can watch it home + support my oppa by buying this.

And then, I had ordered:

Super Junior - 2012 Official Diary

OMGeeeeeeeeeeee *again. I realllllllllly love this.

Click here to buy this diary!

The first time I saw this diary pic, I know I want one! It's so beautiful and surely can cheer me up throughout this year studying days. Imagine: writing my everyday stories in this. Ahhh... and those handsome pictures of oppa.

ELF, get this! I know you want one! The price is RM 70.00 including postage! :) This diary is cheaper than the DVD of course.

Look the inside of it:

My oppa is there! So... there's no chance I will miss to buy this! Kyu oppa pic has given me enough reason to beg my mom with glittering eyes so I can get this!
Honestly, I will try my best to support my fave groups which are Super Junior and 2PM as long as it within my budget limits.

I bought 2PM: 2nd album Hands Up (Special Edition) so check this post if you want to know where I bought it.
I even bought some cool Kpop merchandises so check this post to take a look.

In conclusion... I would like to promote
Valoa Records

for your next stop to buy Kpop albums and merchandises! Please check it out, okay? :)

Till then. As Salam.

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