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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Okay, the story begins with an epic. Yeah.. but true... I am truly sorry.

Yesterday I went blog walking and came across many pretty blogs *bila nak tukar layout ni daaa*. Oh, I know you all love blog walking like me. But this is the FIRST time since I returned from PLKN, I did a blog walking. I guess I had so much fun browsing around and of course after that when I leave I made sure, I FOLLOWED the blog... and leave a message...

But this morning I woke up and saw a message in my small Cbox...
aien: eh,akk tk follow lagi sye tau..eheee
I was like... "OMG!!! How come????" *perghhh... dramatik gila tapi betul tau*
Since when my head had became 'mereng' until I forgot to click follow button ni???? So, I did a spot check on the blog *memang tak follow lagi... sorry dik*.

But I REALLY X10000 SUREEE that I had clicked it the Follow button.*yalah tu.. kan dah ada bukti kau tak tekan!* Dengan rasa tak puas hati dengan diri sendiri, I opened everything in the browser to find some clues... agagagagaaa... but I did not find anything.

Conclusion, if you stay home with nothing to do... you will become crazy *and forgetful and lazy*. Trust me!


Oh... adik Aein, akak tak sengaja.

The end of story (=.=;)


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