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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah that we meet again in my blog *of course*. First all I would like to thank you everyone who had visited my blog for past few days. Dropping a comment just to say 'Congratulations' and so on, I really appreciate that.

Today I want to share with you my experiences during MARA interview for PILN 2012. As you can see in my previous post, I had been selected to attend the interview on Thursday 10th of May at Kolej Poly-tech MARA Bangi. I am applying for Medic to Jordan. My interview was the first session (9.00 a.m) on the first day of the interview.

The day of the interview, I woke up at 6.00 a.m. I did not get enough sleep actually since I went to sleep at 1.00 a.m the night before. Bad of me, I know... please don't do this. Important: Sleep early night before the interview! Or else your head will be spinning on the day. Trust me.

To save time as I need to travel from Melaka to Kolej Poly-tech MARA Bangi, I had ironed my outfits last night. So that morning... I had just to bath, wear my outfit, take my documents and off we go. My dad and I started our journey at 7.03 a.m and arrived safely at 8.15 a.m (about 1 hour and 15 minutes). We needed to be there 30 minutes earlier. Don't be late!

And don't forget to eat your breakfast for your energy. Just take a very light breakfast. A big no no to heavy meals like nasi lemak, nasi goreng or mee goreng. You don't want to have stomachache do you during the interview? I ate 2 pieces of biscuit and drank Vitagen. Ahhh... so refreshing.

My outfit that day: light brown baju kurung

Resume and 'slip temuduga'


My pencil case (we were instructed to bring it)

After I registered at 8.45 a.m, I had been asked to gather with my group mates (the interview was in group) and waited outside the panel's room. I was the number 2 in the group (D2). The first one was Amira from TKC, 2nd was me, 3rd was Tasneem from Kolej Islam, 4th Wan Hassan from SMART Labu, 5th Aqila from SMART Labu as well, 6th - sorry I forgot your name and 7th was Hafizah (she was quite late so I could not get to know her better). I clicked with them at instant :) For your information: we all applied for the same course!

---------------------------------Interview session---------------------------------

1. We entered the room one by one and sat according to our number. We had to leave all of our bags and documents outside! Yes, including resume and documents. We just need to bring our stationary inside the small small room.

2. The panel consisted of 3 persons. A man and 2 women.

3. They asked us to calm down and not to be so much formal. I was so nervous during this time.

4. Instantly after that, he gave us a problem to solve. We didn't get the chance to introduce ourselves! I was so surprised!

5. We were given 40 minutes to discuss a problem: Pak Ali suffers from diabetes and he leg needs to be amputated. So is it better to cure by using modern or traditional medication? We were advised to form 2 group and discuss the pros and cons for both medication. We needed to present after that.

6. Amirah, Hafizah and I were in a group discussing the pros and cons of modern medication. The others were in another group discussing about the pros and cons of traditional medication. We were given A4 papers to jot down our ideas.

7. During the discussion, my group was non-stop talking. Actually besides talking about the topics, we also chatted about our grandmother and some unnecessary things~ We even laughed and the atmosphere was very relaxing. The 3 panels were quietly observing us but we did not care much about that. We had so much fun! My teammates were really great!

8. When we were asked to present, honestly my group had no chance to present! Well, the other group had taken quite a long time to present. To end the interview in given time, the panels quickly switched to individual session. My group wanted to protest but hello, who were the interviewers? So we kept quiet and kept on smiling. Anyway, I can concluded here that the most important part was during the discussion time!!!

9. For our individual session, we got one question each to answer in 1 minute. The questions were (not in particular order):

- Do you think you have an effective group?
- What did you learn from activity? (this was my question)
- What do you think the purpose of the activity?
- What was your role in the activity?
- Was there any tension arose during the activity?
- another 2 questions I forgot as each of us got 1 question each

10. Our interview session ended. It was just about 1 hour! And I thought it was soooo quick and simple honestly.

Personal thought:
Okay the interview was so simple. Discuss and present (keep in your mind is not debating). I talked more to my group mates then the panels. Discussion was 40 minutes (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, I think). Individual question 1 minute. So, it was a good thing I got to know them before entering the interview's room. Really, it was soooo quick!


1. Don't panic. Keep calm.
2. Try to speak slowly. I was so fast until at a point, I became speechless. I blanked for awhile and then I continued back my talk.
3. Get to know your group mates before interview. You need to be able to communicate with each other easily in order to solve the problem.
4. Expect the unexpected. Like you would not get the chance to present!
5. Just bring your file/document. Just in case!
6. Read the 'slip temuduga' instructions carefully! Don't ever miss a thing. This time MARA asked us to bring our stationary! Next time, who knows?

**So that's all I guess. Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box, okay? Till then as salam :D

P/S: I pray that all my group mates during the interview get this scholarship. Ermm.. should I call it a convertible loan perhaps? I really really want this! Dear Allah, please makes my dream comes true. I pray to you ya Allah.

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