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Monday, June 25, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi there peeps. I cannot sleep and its already 3.45 a.m. Gahhhhh... I have quizzes tomorrow. Ya Allah, please help me. Let me sleep ya Allah.

But since my eyes do not want to close yet... Let me rant for awhile X﹏X Tomorrow I will have my first ever quiz in INTEC. Its biology quiz. InsyaAllah I will do my best. InsyaAllah everything is going to be fine. And I will also have my computer literacy's quiz. Okay... I am in love with computers and internet but honestly I am not sure if I remember all the terms. I mean the answer for question 'what is computer?' take me a few seconds to think first. Dont you agree with me that some of us just know how to use a computer but not the definition of it. I definitely is one of them. For me, as long as I can use computer and surf the internet that are already enough. Hahaahaaaa

Do you know that last evening I went to Seksyen 2 to eat Air Batu Campur (ABC)? Ahhhhh... It was so sweet. And now I am having a problem with it =.=; take note that when ever I am going to eat ABC again, I will bring 1.5 litres mineral water. Geeeezzzz... ABC is so so soooooooooo sweet (~_~メ) Can get diabetes you know. Anyway, thanks Syahira and Fasyiha for inviting me to go there with both of you ~(*+﹏+*)~

Done with my rant. Okay, I will try to sleep now. Take care. Sleep tight everybody.

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