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★► First class
Thursday, May 31, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi there earthlings. Hows your life? Mine? Pretty cool. Hehe... come here and read what I did for today. Honestly, I think the title has spoken for itself. I had my first class today ⊙▽⊙

Actually my class should had started yesterday but due to some circumstances... class was delayed. I was so excited to attend my first class. Ahhhh... I need to brush the rust off my brain @( ̄- ̄)@ when was the last time I used my brain to solve maths problem huh? I got to be in first class anyway, MEJ 1.

Back to today story, my first class was Introduction to Medicine and Islam or in Malay, Pengenalan Perubatan Islam. The ustazah Liza that taught us was so cute and she had a high-pitch voice. By the way, during this subject we need to combine class with MEJ 2. We just had some introduction and... GOT our first assignment. Oh great, the first day and I already received the first assignment. Due date 29th June.

2nd class was English for Pre medical student. Please welcome Puan Ainon as my lecturer for this subject. She reminded me of Miss Aisyah in MRSM Batu Pahat. She spoke English with an accent and again she had a high-pitch voice. She asked us to introduce ourselves by stating our unique facts. I said I had lots of international penpals and like Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar. Annnnnnnd guess what... I received my second assignment (--〆) oh wow, I never thought I would receive 2 assignments in the first day of class.

The third class was Chemistry class. Oh mine, what a young lecturer. Miss Khalida is only 27 years old! I was so surprised! (⊙o⊙) again, we had another session of introduction but this time, we just needed to add an adjective in front of our name and then repeated our friends name. I was no. 23 and I needed to repeat 22 names. That was challenging you know. Well, I introduced myself as Dazzling Athirah ★

And then... that was the end of our classese today. I was exhausted! I meant it! 5 hours of non-stop lessons and I did not even had a proper breakfast. So yeah... as soon as the class ended, me and Najah ran to the bus and returned to our college. Ahhh... I felt much energy after lunch. I slept that evening. And now, I am fresh! Anyway see you then :D

P/S: I want to upload pictures but I can't...

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