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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi there young fellas and errr... not very young fellas. Good news everybody... I just get to know Instagram yesterday. Okay... I know... I am late. But but but it's better than never right? :P so now I want to promote my Instagram for awhile. Heheheeee
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Screenshot from my awesome Kyu-oppa
^__^ In just a day, I already posted 8 pics and mostly were food. Visit my Instagram for the story and pictures. Heheheeee XD

Many of my friends asked me why I'm so late to register Instagram so yeah... read my answer below please.

Honestly, most of the Instagram users want use the cool photo editing that Instagram offers. For me, I already satisfy with my Xperia Arc S pictures quality. Not to show off but my phone pictures' quality are the best among my friends *meh sep sikit pengguna Sony* Heeheeeee... so I don't really need this app in my phone plusssss I already have quite a few photo editing app in my phone. I like my Photoshake app so much. I don't like too have to much apps in my phone because... I already have too much games in my Kyu-oppa. Geeeeezzzzzz... I really need to buy 16GB memory card. It's almost full now! I can't download some of the new games :"(

So despite these reasons, what make me interested in Instagram suddenly? Well, probably because most of my friends are using it and I want to make my own Instagram scrapbook :D Hahaaaa Plus some of my friends are making Instagram as their social site so weeee... I'm in now! Talkative trait detected. Hahaa

Guys and gals... don't be shy to follow me~ I am a friendly person. Oh and if you are super duper free and have some time, do follow my Twitter too. I will follow back~ My Twitter is @Irarina. So see you soon everyone.

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