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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Earthlings... hi! :D I'm in a great mood today IF I ignore the MARA's documents. Of course... I am ignoring the documents. (≧◡≦) Oh come on, it's not that I am home everyday (and it's not that I need to fill the MARA's documents everyday too). I deserve to be happy today! But I think I can predict that my mom will yell at me in the near future. Mom's not home now by the way.

So... I betcha you all have noticed it. What? No? Okay, take a good look around. Clue: the URL bar. See? Can you see it? I mean... CAN you really see it? Yup... behold everyone... I have moved to my own domain now. Yayyyyy!!! (‐^▽^‐)

Everyone... I have moved from to Not that you need to change my URL since if you click it will still connect you to my blog.

Anyway I bought the domain from NetKL on 8th June 2012 (Friday). It cost me RM 38.00 nett for the domain + moving my blog to that domain. I really suggest you NetKL for the Malaysian blogger if you want to buy your own domain. It's really easy! Bought it at 1.05 P.M and after 1 hour, my domain was established :D The process was really quick.. I feel that I should have buy it a long time ago... (►.◄) I feel wasted. Nah, a new beginning for the new life as a medical student then.

Oh and recently I got my 666th followers. What a cool number! I am so happy :) You might think that I have more than 1000++ followers but seriously, I'm not that avid blogger. My followers increase when I tend my blog regularly. But, I am still happy that my followers increase once in a while.
 To my followers, THANK YOU  for following! You make me happy.

And you who are reading this, do follow my blog will ya? :)
So... I am thinking to change the layout soon. That will be a sign to celebrate my new domain. But but but for now, I am quite lazy. Ermmm... there are many assignments to do. I really want to change but it will take more than one day. And I am only home for 2 days :( It has to wait then *scream of frustration... Arghhhhhh*

In the end, thank you for visiting my blog. You made my day :) You are such sweetie if you click my Nuffnang ads. Thank you sweetheart :D

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